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tracking contract for billing systems

Tracking contract values can be very usefull in billing systems, this example show how this work in oracle apex 5.1


  with nums as
 (select level r from dual connect by level <= 9999)
select t.START_DATES,add_months(t.START_DATES, decode(FLEX002,'MONTH',1,'YEAR',12) * (r-1) ) dt,t.FLEX002,t.NUMBER_OF_PARTS, nums.r,t.CODE_CO,
((VALUE_CO-t.PARTICIPATION-t.ADD_VALUE)/t.NUMBER_OF_PARTS) as debt_value_per_months
 from contract t, nums
 where t.NUMBER_OF_PARTS >= nums.r
 order by t.START_DATES

this view -plan insert values into PLAN_TABLE with procedure calling in final steps in oracle apex form, as active transactions or not, shoud be changes in contract adding cnex of contract-thats reason

 Modal dialog is form for input new values for new contract, consist :
contract values, contract begin -date, contract end -date, number of months between start date and end date is equivalent of number of rates, participation values, if some pay initialy money

Model dialog looks
and with java script have calculations for populate fields

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