среда, 19. децембар 2012.

ADempeire 361 maintenance asset meter error - need simple step to modify

Hi all
I was trying to set maintenance on ADempiere 361 with FAM and maintenance
set by https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/idempiere/j4nBYQ-2f4c
and :
1) asset_meter its error by datetrx on mp_assetmeter table which could be set as
2) a_asset_disposed -  column isapproved should be set as default 'Y'
then it should be save Asset meter, disposed and meter log as addition
for assets regards preventive and corective maintenance.

If its posible, should be fine that this simple correction post on
official code repository, or if it's not posible, future users can simple change
this from database.
 table 1: asset_meter its error by datetrx on mp_assetmeter table which could be set as
table 2:a_asset_disposed -  column isapproved should be set as default 'Y'
need restart application, (re login) and all should wrk fine.
log in as 
super user (Administrator)  and Application Dictionary-Window tab & field
and on WORK ORDER  found  field : Document Status when un set Read only could be writable. After that all maintenance module working perfect.

среда, 05. децембар 2012.

ADempiere 361 final with Maintenance for 10min manual add

Its 10 minutes need to add missing windows on menu for maintenance part. On Enabled package user need add 2 special form VMPGenerateOT and VMPRequestOT

Next need add tasks before update Package User role to System roles.
Then start update role from Package User to system
Thats look like

Then need add folder Maintenance Management with one proces Prognosis, Windows RequestOT, WorkOrder and two forms VMPGenerateOT and VMPRequestOT and one sub folder Maintenance Management with 4 windows Meter, Standard Job, Maintenance (Preventive Maintenance) and Meter log
After that need log out and log in and maintenance should exist

PAckage need install with:

From SVN Adempiere as branch/Maintenance - this working
With home/Adempiere/packages/Maintenance folder
When its complete, need create sub folder .. lib/maintenance.jar(..Adempiere/packages/Maintenance/lib/maintenance.jar) and run silentsetup (..Adempiere/bash RUN_silentsetup.sh)
with this - last  step classes process prognosis work order will be added -org.compiere.process.MPProcessOT should exist on Adempiere/lib/Adempiere.jar as represent classes)

субота, 12. новембар 2011.

Adempiere 3.1.6 Add Serbian in Login select list

Version ADempiere 3.1.6 (and older and some higher version of ADempiere ) dont have Serbian Language into Login form in select language. This is very simple to add new Language or change existing, or set default one of the prefer language. Theres path where is located java files which should be changed or added -- ../looks/src/org/compiere /plaf/PlafRes_sr.java ../looks/src/org/compiere/util/IniRes_sr.java ../looks/src/org/compiere/util/Language.java.
And for full transformation, should be add translation from : http://sourceforge.net/projects/lsr/ -- with adding Serbia_RS and set as main language.

New java file should be add :PlafRes_sr.java

private static final String AD_Language_sr_RS = "sr_RS" -- should be add into Language.java

AD_Language should be add into Language.java

compile all java files

понедељак, 03. јануар 2011.

Adding new table in Adempiere 3.1.0

Customisation of Adempiere 3.1.0 is very easy, I was creating new table

before insert on "XX_MATERIAL"
for each row
if :NEW."XX_MATERIAL_ID" is null then
select "XX_MATERIAL_SEQ".nextval into :NEW."XX_MATERIAL_ID" from dual;
end if;

from examples on:
and try to integrated this new table into Adempiere. This is one way, when Adempiere is install on computer, so can be customised by Administrator, other way is descibe on link above, change from trunk, from source code, include
1)Creating new table(s)
2)Dump new Adempiere.dmp database file with new creating tables
3)Creating Persistence objects with all new tables with GenerateModel.java code
4)building all code with new classes
This is 1 way, manualy customisation
Fig 1: Creating new window

Fig 1.1 Acces level and role, users who can modify data from new created table XX_MATERIAL

Fig 1.2 Fields from table XX_MATERIAL

Fig 2: MENU need call New Window created from XX_MATERIAL, I was placed into assets, could be in other hierarchy, assets can be extend and need change, in Republic of Serbia theres taxes and rates localy created, called STOPA AMORTIZACIJE, purchasing date of assets (DATUM NABAVKE OSNOVNOG SREDSTVA), other attribut rate2 called REVALORIZACIJA, account relation is good have 0230 values from accounts and 0239 as changed values, asset groups is determined by low as sub accounts, and other parameters can be changed or added. Fixed Asset Management can extend assets with this customised functionality, adding new tables and creating references (forein keys). This firs method discibe simlple modification of Adempiere 3.1.0 most complicated way is change into TRUNK of Adempiere 3.1.0 with GeneratedModel.java and practicaly reinstalation of all code.

Fig 3 : Table XX_MATERIAL have automaticaly created Persistence Objects (PO) and work fine

Fig 4: Invoices from Republic of Serbia have field called PIB, theres need add new field PIB varchar2(255) and again complete call NEW c_invoice table created New Window and New Form, on easy way with default lengh of db colum look like above picture