среда, 18. април 2018.

master detail oracle apex 5.1.x

Master detail oracle apex 5.1 have advanced options, older version apex (4.x/3.x) dont have, on one page could be put 2,3,4... interactive grid (known as tabular form on oldest apex version)
from master page (from master tables) user can view detail for every records( usefull in purchase order/ purchase order lines, invoices and invoice line, orders/order lines, Bill of Quantity / Bill Of quantity lines...all master - detailed situations)
theme 42 apex 5.1 have good performances with mozilla browsers (tablet, mobile ...) and apex users can get informations in any places.

Creating region with select type as interactive grid on design mode (not depretiotion mode) should be added details interactive grid with exactly row id selections.

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