среда, 17. фебруар 2010.

Adempiere 3.5.4a 3 monhts testing

I was installing Adempiere 3.5.4a and testing this version 3 monhts. It was stable as older version.(353) I was using Oracle xe 10 g with every day beckup and every week dumping Adempiere.dmp file. Two times I was reinstall Oracle XE 10g with full reinstall Ubuntu 9.04 platforms, and I was migrating old dates 100% succses.(Adempiere dmp was over 200 mbytes and with cirilic, loading was 4 hours) Aplication server is glassfish v2. So look that Adempiere 353 and 354 cab be stable ERP systems form enterprise. I was trying import and older dmp(from 353) but theres some errors!

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