субота, 15. мај 2010.

AccountingRS how to set on Adempipere 354a/355 (KONTNI PLAN)

Duplicate records and lenght more than 60 bytes, column maximum recognise as error, so need import AcountUS.csv and then update accounts. Initial client setup is like fig 1. Adempiere 353a have corected AccountsRS.csv( KONTNI PLAN REPUBLIKE SRBIJE), but Adempiere 354 and 355 not.

Fig 1 Import AccountsRS.csv

Fig 2 insert accounts RS

Fig 3 message

Fig 4 Completed accounting of Republic of Serbia (KONTNI PLAN REPUBLIKE SRBIJE - maj 2010)

Adempiere based on postgresql 8.3 and JBoss 432

Postgresql 8.3 is relational database, compatible with Adempiere 353a/354a (and older version of Adempiere). Postgresql 8.3 vs Oracle XE 10g is in limit of available spaces, oracle have 4gbytes max data. Its too spaces if u not need pictures (for products, for scanned contracts, other documents, files, pictures in jpg, pdf, png and other formats). With Oracle sql developer can be develop very easy Oracle tables/procedures and functions, but plugin for postgresql not exist yet. This is simple examples how can user/users install Adempiere 353/354 with postgresq databases. I was trying it, based on Ubuntu 9.04 operating systems.

Fig 2 creation new database with pgadmin III

Fig 3 Adempiere_pg.dmp will install adempiere relational model with initial data, with utility dumping, like pic 3 descibe

Fig 4 Runing RUN_setup.sh installation begin.