субота, 24. октобар 2009.

3 monhts testing Adempiere 353a

I was install adempiere 353a with 10g Oracle express database and glassfish v2 web server (deployed adempiere.ear file) from end of June 2009 until end Nov 2009. Theres one pc localy hosting at hours 7 days) with bridge over router conexant fot port 8080 and 8081 according network. Localy theres 2mb network with full acces clients for average 30 sec JForms with install client (and think client too-webui 10-20 secunds). Ip address was dinamicaly selected by localy hosting provider, here.
Over internet theres 1mb network (upload 128 kb(14 kbps) download 1000 kb(100 kbps) and Jform with install Adempiere (showing 14 min download time for app 50 mbytes AdemppiereClient files) working too slow, actually infact doesnt work (I m think afther installing and testing that minumal Networking flow need 1mbytes upload and download),but web user interface (webui) and old html Adempiere working with 30-60 sec average. At that moment I m planning testing concurency with JMeter. By default Oracle 10g Express has 49 clients concurency, as databases.(could be changed byt response time will encreased). Glassfish V2 web server have stable concurency performances.

Pic 1Log files from end June to end Oct 2009 (only one client were onlline so concurency need tested again)
Pic 2> Network flows

Account RS (kontni plan republike srbije)

Account rs can be imported in the way shown here.
All elements support functionality of Adempiere ERP systems alocating all resources with codes(anaiticaly code structures) for materials, products..
pic 1-4 show steps how can be import account file (example >kontni plan rs)

import account elements pic-3

Account elements(kontni plan) pic-4

субота, 11. јул 2009.

Sales Order, Manufacturing Order, BOM

With this step by step descriptions will be posible creations useful Erp systems in enterprise, with products,BOM,work orders, invoices, accounting systems, inventories and more usefull things for many small and middle sizes companys

Sales order defined products

Sales order is final step when user configure all steps

Manufacturing order can be created when is BOM, WorkFlow and products sets.

Bom structures of measurement transformes is like ths pic

This product have proces from technical assembly, technical configurations, technical supply, control and inspections, theres using Adempiere product Manufacturing Workflow with define all segments from start to end process (with time durations ) and with editor could be visualy describes. Resource types is olso need set and Manufacturing recources too (machines and technical work hours)
Products need set and products BOM (all components and phantoms)

First step is define localy account system and organisational structures

уторак, 07. јул 2009.

One month with Adempiere 353a -test

Adempiere main page

From 06.06.2009 I was instaling Adempiere 353a trying to test stability
One month later theres full stability (100%) 24 hours 7 days.
From dinamic IP address and internet with 1024/128 kbps I was full open webui with ajax and old html Adempiere user interfaces(new webui was slower then old html adempiere UI), but only from local IP adress I was running sucsesfull Forms , and next 30 days will test this performances

Using Oracle XE 10g theres more then 700 tables, one of them is AD_ORG

With glassfish v2 I was deploying Adempiere.ear file using NetBeans 6.5 Integral Development Environment

Based on Glassfish v2 and Oracle Application Expres 10g theres one month(from 06.06.2009 - 06.07.2009) with deployed Adempiere.ear file full stable state.

субота, 04. јул 2009.

Organisational setup with creation organisation types

With Adempiere 353a ERP systems user need setup first organisational structures in enterprise and organisational types

Organisational setup with creation organisation types

Organisational structures based on departments