субота, 11. јул 2009.

Sales Order, Manufacturing Order, BOM

With this step by step descriptions will be posible creations useful Erp systems in enterprise, with products,BOM,work orders, invoices, accounting systems, inventories and more usefull things for many small and middle sizes companys

Sales order defined products

Sales order is final step when user configure all steps

Manufacturing order can be created when is BOM, WorkFlow and products sets.

Bom structures of measurement transformes is like ths pic

This product have proces from technical assembly, technical configurations, technical supply, control and inspections, theres using Adempiere product Manufacturing Workflow with define all segments from start to end process (with time durations ) and with editor could be visualy describes. Resource types is olso need set and Manufacturing recources too (machines and technical work hours)
Products need set and products BOM (all components and phantoms)

First step is define localy account system and organisational structures

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