уторак, 07. јул 2009.

One month with Adempiere 353a -test

Adempiere main page

From 06.06.2009 I was instaling Adempiere 353a trying to test stability
One month later theres full stability (100%) 24 hours 7 days.
From dinamic IP address and internet with 1024/128 kbps I was full open webui with ajax and old html Adempiere user interfaces(new webui was slower then old html adempiere UI), but only from local IP adress I was running sucsesfull Forms , and next 30 days will test this performances

Using Oracle XE 10g theres more then 700 tables, one of them is AD_ORG

With glassfish v2 I was deploying Adempiere.ear file using NetBeans 6.5 Integral Development Environment

Based on Glassfish v2 and Oracle Application Expres 10g theres one month(from 06.06.2009 - 06.07.2009) with deployed Adempiere.ear file full stable state.

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