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demo apps apex 5.1.1 and 4.1.1 with jasper reports integrated

Apex 5.1.1 have powerfull design, I was compare demo apps from apex 4.1.1 and 5.1.1 part from orders with collection, trying to extend master detail reports with jasper with parameters from reports to form, on one click to pdf, connect to localy hosts, not remotly ip address, this kind of reports development need backup and re-dmp database from remote server to localy, then transfer jrxml to remote folders structures, in this cases to tomcat folders.
Its tipicaly functionality of more erp systems, sales order, service requests, master detail BOM/BOQ, from now, from version 5.1.1 could be really erp system with all functionality, as have compiere or adempeire/idempiere..

 Reporting need consist with ptotos, so its important to change oracle blob data times from blob column to display images option

 next step is delete field (product_image) from detailed region in display, replacing it with images from palletes, which need be mapped to blob colum (product_image), its only need to do, iReport and oracle databases didn have equal data types, so its need be changeg, with this second step.
Next, need add additional parameters for filtering reasons and copu paste this jrxml to tomcat/reports folder(or glassfish /reports folder)  an of course in forms set MASTER_DETAIL_JASPER as report names and all 6 fields which need be populates with java script, if not, could be display all orders,a s pic above shown:

So nice, ist it, and secure, instead of I was built tis reporting with oracle 10g xe on 32 bytes os linux suse 11.3, one cpu 2ghz, 1 GB ram, my old laptop I m only use it for testing, connect to LAN, upgraded to 4.1.1 apex, and jasper reports 2 version with tomcat 6.29 jdk 1.6 0 24, only problem this scenario have is its slowly, and cant be pass more than 5 concurent client, procesor is too slowly and RAM ddr2 slowly too.

its same scenaio, with two version of apex, 4.1.1
and 5.1.1

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