среда, 05. децембар 2012.

ADempiere 361 final with Maintenance for 10min manual add

Its 10 minutes need to add missing windows on menu for maintenance part. On Enabled package user need add 2 special form VMPGenerateOT and VMPRequestOT

Next need add tasks before update Package User role to System roles.
Then start update role from Package User to system
Thats look like

Then need add folder Maintenance Management with one proces Prognosis, Windows RequestOT, WorkOrder and two forms VMPGenerateOT and VMPRequestOT and one sub folder Maintenance Management with 4 windows Meter, Standard Job, Maintenance (Preventive Maintenance) and Meter log
After that need log out and log in and maintenance should exist

PAckage need install with:

From SVN Adempiere as branch/Maintenance - this working
With home/Adempiere/packages/Maintenance folder
When its complete, need create sub folder .. lib/maintenance.jar(..Adempiere/packages/Maintenance/lib/maintenance.jar) and run silentsetup (..Adempiere/bash RUN_silentsetup.sh)
with this - last  step classes process prognosis work order will be added -org.compiere.process.MPProcessOT should exist on Adempiere/lib/Adempiere.jar as represent classes)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the step by step process....This would be useful for individuals on ERP Maintenance...